Zumba Fitness is perfect for every body and every body.  Each Zumba class is designed to bring people together to exercise.  

How it Works:  ​It takes the 'work' out of workout, by mixing high and low intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie -burning dance fitness party!  Once the Latin and world rhythms take over, you'll see why it is often referred to as 'exercise in disguise' as it is effective AND fun!  

Benefits:  It is a total workout, combining all elements of fitness - cardio, muscle conditioning, flexibility and balance.  It leaves you with a serious boost of energy and a real feel-good factor each time you leave a class.

"It's a total body exercise - a good, high-energy, aerobic workout.  Zumba Fitness is also good for core strengthening and flexibility..."

​Dr John P Porcari, PHD  ​The American Council on Exercise.

Please note that I do not actually offer any Zumba Fitness classes - only Zumba Gold.

Please visit www.zumba.com and  go to the Class Finder page to find a class near you.


with Mhairi Ayrshire

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